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The Amazing Life of Bacteria
by Ginger Chalford, Ph.D.

The Amazing Life of Bacteria

Jackie playing with a dirty sock
Jackie is not worried about bacteria. That dirty sock is fun!

Bacteria are phenomenal evolvers and adapters. In a single human generation of 25 years, bacteria can have 100,000 generations - that's 4,000 generations a year! That's more generations than human beings have had on the planet. Because of this, bacteria can respond to environmental changes at light speed, it seems!

Now if you were in a situation where you felt your life was threatened, you would muster all the resources possible in order to deal with the threat.

Your will to live and your instinct to defend yourself are natural. Now if invaders were to threaten you and you went to battle - some would live and some would die. You personally would do everything you could to survive and win. Whoever won would then take over and establish things their way.

Bacteria are like this. In the last 50 years since antibiotics were introduced to kill them, bacteria have been adapting to these invaders. 50 years ago, all bacteria were sensitive to penicillin. That means they could be destroyed or extremely reduced.

Within 10 years, ALMOST all bacteria were sensitive. Currently, over 50% of bacteria are resistant to penicillin and 25% of them are already resistant to the other antibiotics introduced later. Bacteria obviously know how to adapt!

Abby listening carefully
Abby seems to be more serious about them.

This means that the researchers have to develop new antibiotics to keep bacteria under control. But here's the bad news. There has not been any new class of antibiotics discovered in the last 20 years or so. Intravenous vancomycin can still knock those bacteria in desperate circumstances. But how long will that last? Soon, ALL bacteria may develop resistance to antibiotics! What are we going to do then? Already over 40,000 people die every year due to pneumococcal infections! Bacteria are pretty feisty organisms!

Growing Up With Bacteria

Problems are arising foremost with those whose immune systems are compromised. The sick, the elderly and the very young. Small children have not fully developed their immune systems and they are already routinely getting prescribed numerous antibiotics for things such as ear infections. There are over 90 types of bacteria known. What's going to happen as these children grow up and some need emergency care? For years, bacteria will be mutating into resistant strains right in the laboratory of their bodies!

The figures just for childhood ear infections are appalling. Three million cases of otitis media were diagnosed in 1975. By 1997, over nine million cases were found! Over 40% of outpatients were prescribed antibiotics for their ear infections. Another problem aggravating the situation is that in at least half of the cases of otitis, no bacterial cause was known or found. "Oh, just give him antibiotics anyway, just to be sure."

We don't know many of the bacteria for which antibiotics are prescribed. And not just for otitis media. Upper respiratory tract infections, including walking pneumonia, are only sometimes caused by clamydia pneumonae or mycoplasma. These bacteria mutate, and could cause atherosclerosis and meningitis.

Plus, most of the bacteria we used to treat were "gram negative." Now many of the bacteria are "gram positive" which means we don't have effectively targeted treatments developed for them.

So what does this mean to all of us? Childrens' immune systems (and ours too, obviously) are compromised even more by immunizations. The purpose of immunizations is to generate antibodies within the system to fight the disease. Great concept. But poorly thought out. NO LONG TERM STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE! Nevertheless, 36 states currently require immunization shots before children can attend school.

What's worse, is that by law, NEWBORNS nationwide have to have immunization shots. Needless to say, several newborn children have reportedly taken ill and died within hours of having their first vaccinations. These babies' immune systems simply can't handle sophisticated bacteria yet! One of the worse is Hepatitis B. The tragedy is that many immunization shots are given babies and children who are at virtually no risk for the illness they're getting immunized for!

Note: It's ironic that our Surgeon General announced in 1969 that we'd conquered infectious diseases! What naivete! How could our government be so cocky?

The obvious contradiction to this statement lies in our history. In a tragedy of great proportion, tribes of native Americans were eliminated after exposure to bacteria such as smallpox. Their immune systems had never met this bacteria (much like newborns) and therefore could not fight it. This type of tragedy continues around the world with indigenous peoples.

Human Lab Animals!

Abby has not had immunization shotsEven those children who seem to handle their immunization shots just fine could be at great risk. The long term reactions to childhood immunizations are unknown. It could be that we have simply become efficient laboratories for the continued life of bacteria!

When people are tested with EAV (Electronic Acupuncture Meridian testing) for example, it's not at all unusual for compromises in the body's immune system to be attributed to those old DPT shots (Diptheria/Polio/Tetanus). Repatterning and therefore healing the body can require attention to be given to old shots, scars, and the like. The body holds so much "memory" in the cells themselves.

Are we told about potential long term effects, both obvious and subtle? Of course not. That wouldn't benefit the profit margins of the pharmaceutical companies. A LOT of information doesn't make it to the public. Just lately I found out that research on aspirin's cardiovascular effects showed a reduction in heart attacks but a substantial increase in stroke! Now why haven't we heard THAT?

Similarly, a lot of important research has gone undone. For example, immunization shots address only 7 types of bacteria. What about the others? Think of the bacterial heyday immunizations may be bringing only a few years down the road. In the future NOTHING MAY WORK! Some parents are so alarmed, they are breaking the law and home schooling their kids, just to keep their children safe.

The way the government sees it (which justifies their mandatory laws) is that our borders aren't biologically "safe" anymore. People move about all the time. The global economy is comprised of extensive trade and travel. And people ignore the warnings for the most part.

The government also thinks that they must immunize everybody, even if the risk for the disease is low. They think that the bacteria will be exterminated once and for all - made extinct. But to do this, it's obvious that every person in the world must be vaccinated for it. This type of reasoning comes with the "anonymous authority" of government, in which something good must be done by everybody, regardless of the value to the individual.

But you already know that somehow, somewhere, bacteria will survive and mutate. Look at these statistics, presented by Dr. Joan Chesny of the Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center. Penicillin was discovered in the early 1940's. In 1945, it was introduced to the public. By 1950, 50% of Staph Aureus bacteria were already resistant! Shortly thereafter, Cyclosporins were introduced and bacteria began developing resistance to them too. Prior to 1987, no one saw any major resistances. But the period from 1982 to 1992 saw an increase of 28% in the prescribing of antibiotics - and the deaths due to infectious diseases didn't go down. They went up - way up! In that same decade, 5.6 billion deaths! Hospital acquired infections alone increased over 170%!

This translates into a whopping 58% increase in pneumonia alone, as the blood stream infection stopped responding to antibiotics. This figure excludes AIDS. We're not talking small potatoes here.

What You Can Do Now

Abby looking very responsibleNow I don't want to scare you, but you do have to take responsibility for your health! And that means several things, many of which you probably already do. First, you need to keep yourself and your environment as clean of toxic substances as possible. Avoid the "easy way out" offered through petroleum based chemicals. Use natural pest control, cleaners, and fragrances.

Secondly, monitor what goes into you. Prepare as much food fresh and organic as you can. Make sure your supplements are pure and derived from natural sources. (Nature's BioticsŪ is totally pure and natural!) Avoid stressing your body with substances such as heavy amounts of refined sugar, trans fats (margarine), empty calorie carbohydrates, and hormone fed heavy meats.

Thirdly, support yourself so that you are living a healthy life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Find ways to express yourself that are true to who you are. Give yourself some time every day to BE. Rest enough, play enough, and love enough to be happy. Only you can do this. When you take responsibility for your health away from the so-called experts that would have you consume all sorts of bizarre things, you gain personal power.

You can become confident in your decisions and feel fulfilled in your life path. And once you put your feet upon this pathway of health and healing, your immune system will be so strong that you will be able to resist all sorts of bacteria automatically - the way nature intended.

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