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5/1/2010: I believe I must have been born constipated. Some of my earliest memories are around this problem. By the time I was approaching 60 years old I was not only constipated but also had hypoglycemia, severe allergies and severe candida. I had given up using allopathic medicine for help long ago as the drugs seemed to weaken my body and make the underlying condition worse. I needed something that would support my body to go back to a natural state of health.

In 1996 I discovered Body Biotics. My first reaction to it was to develop significant Healing Crisis symptoms. Suddenly I was having more gas, gurgling, constipation/diarrhea and general intestinal tract upset. As I stayed with Body Biotics my bowel became regular and the hypoglycemia and candida cleared up. My allergies became much better but did not clear completely until several years later when I also went through the N.A.E.T. accupuncture treatment.

Several years ago I found the impressive soil-based probiotic Prescript-Assist and began taking and selling it also. (Prescript-Assist does not produce Healing Crisis symptoms the way Body Biotics does.) I am convinced that there is something different and powerful about the soil-based probiotics. I cannot remember having a cold or the flu since I started this process.

I am amazed to be 73 years old and still be working with no significant health challenges!

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