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Aloe PURE™ For Regularity:
Nutritional supplement also aids digestion and assimilation

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20 capsules

For centuries, going back to the Egyptians, much has been written about multiple uses of the aloe plant. This includes its soothing effect on the digestive tract and its ability to relieve sluggish intestinal tract movements in a natural and gentle way.

Aloe PURE™ is designed to work in conjunction with Body Biotics™. If you do not experience normal bowel movements (once or twice) daily, it is recommended you take one Aloe PURE™ capsule at night for 2 to 4 nights with a meal. This will help cleanse the colon and prepare the body for better assimilation when starting on Body Biotics™. By the way, do not ever take more than one capsule a day, this product is very powerful.

While Aloe PURE™ was designed to work with Body Biotics™, it certainly can be taken without it to help the bowels to move.

As a dietary supplement, aloe is said to aid in the digestion of foods. It also provides at least three anti-inflammatory fatty acids that help the colon, small intestine and stomach to function in a healthy fashion. It aids the body to have regular bowel movements with its powerful, yet gentle, effects on the intestinal tract.

With the change in world-wide eating habits moving from natural, organic foods to highly processed and fast foods in the 20th and 21st Centuries, it is difficult for everyone to get the nutrition that they need. In addition, chemicals and other pollutants are everywhere. Cleaning out the intestinal tract helps the body deal with some of these energy-draining factors in our modern day diets. Since a large part of the immune system resides in the intestinal tract, keeping it clean and functioning in the best way possible is critical for good health.

Body Biotics™ and supporting products have been designed to provide nutritional support to help with the elimination of toxins from the body, restore the pH balance to a healthy level, and provide probiotics with soil based organisms (SBOs) to aid the immune system.

INGREDIENTS: only the purest grade of aloe vera is used

Aloe Pure supports the body to have regular bowel movements.
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In order to make sure that we have the best product possible, it is made from the whole leaf of aloe plants that are grown hydroponically. We use only the purest grade of aloe vera. (It is the yellow gel inside the leaf that has been used for an intestinal cleanse that is natural and safe without creating addictions for centuries.) The leaf contains active enzymes to help break down and dissolve foods.

Manufactured by Life Science Products, Inc. and works well to prepare the body for Body Biotics™ if you are not having regular movements. Can be used without Body Biotics™ to gently clean out the intestinal tract.

CAUTION: As with any dietary supplement consult your healthcare practitioner before using Aloe PURE™. It is not recommended for use if you are pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision.

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