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Parasites! Could They Be The Cause Of Your Health Problems?

Are There Uninvited Guests Living Within Your Body?

by Marie Neiswender

Parasites within the body occur more often than one would think. Believe it or not, there are over 134 kinds of parasites that can live in the human body. Some that may sound familiar to you are tape worm, round worm, pin worm, hook worm, Candida, fungus, protozoa, single cell amoeba and neosporia. Most people have one kind or another.

Marissa with butterflyParasite epidemics have occurred in New York, Colorado, Washington, Florida and New Hampshire, with serious outbreaks in other states. Parasites can even coat the inside lining of the small intestine and prevent absorption of the nutrients in your food. They can also cause severe constipation by blocking or plugging the alimentary canal.

Do you feel tired most of the time? Are you experiencing digestive problems - gas - bloating - constipation - diarrhea or heartburn? Do you suffer from food sensitivities and environmental intolerances? Are you depressed? Do you have a difficult time gaining or losing weight? Have you ever tried a yeast controlled program that helped out only temporarily? Do you sense that something is just not right but you just can't pinpoint the problem, and neither can your doctor? All this could very well be caused by parasite infestation.

You may be asking how a clean living person could be infested with parasites. Some of the most serious infections (especially those involving large worms) find their way into the human body when one eats rarely cooked pork, beef, fish, or other creatures that have eyeballs, legs, fins or pinchers. (Yes, this includes crab and lobster, sorry.) Touching dogs, cats and other animals may lead to one picking up parasite eggs or sometimes parasites themselves. The reason for this is that pets are hosts to numerous parasites and they are unexpected spreaders of disease. There are 240 infectious diseases transmitted by animals to humans, of these 65 are transmitted by dogs and 39 by cats. There are 110 million dogs and cats living in American households, making exposure to some of these diseases significant.

One pet food manufacture says that 89% of all house cats in America sleep with their owners. Dog and cat round worm, hook worm and cat-transmitted toxoplasmosis can become severe in pregnant women and children and even life threatening for immune-compromised individuals. Drinking infected water is a major method of parasite infection. According to Steven Rochiltz Ph.D., in his book, "Allergies and Candida," Giardiases may be a rampant problem in the United States today, since over 50% of our water supply is contaminated within and unlike bacteria, it is "not killed by chlorination." Streams can become contaminated through infected human sewage.

boys in sand with parasites close byWalking barefoot on infested soil and sand is another way you can be infected by parasites. In the soil the eggs can become infectious for two weeks. Soil, grass and shade help the eggs survive. They usually settle near the top of the soil in a silt layer, which protects them from destruction by sunlight. Toxocara eggs are very hardy for example, and can survive for years, resisting the most perilous weather conditions of rain and snow.

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