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What are Soil-Based Organisms

soil-based organisms, are tiny microbes that live in soil.SBO's, or soil-based organisms, are tiny microbes that live in soil. According to medical research scientist Dr. William C. Bryce, M.D., PhD, among other functions, SBO's produce and release powerful enzymes that sterilize the soil of putrefactive organisms, and thereby help prepare the soil to support new plant growth. Without SBO's, lush plant growth could not take place because the soil would be too contaminated with yeasts, molds, fungi, candida and other harmful organisms that are antagonistic to plant growth and reproduction. The enzymes produced by the SBO's solve this problem by helping kill off huge amounts of the harmful elements in the soil.

Most Americans don't realize it, but many forms of SBO's, as well as their enzyme, hormone and nutrient by-products, are unknowingly ingested into the human system - with very benefical effects - when all fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten. This was especially true in the 19th century, when America was basically one large rural farming community, and the ingestion of fresh raw fruits and vegatables - often straight from the fields or directly from family gardens - was commonplace. Today, however, human ingestion of SBO's and their beneficial by-products is far less common. This is because modern agricultural techniques (including the over-application of powerful pesticides, fungicides and germicidal agents) and heat-based food processing techniques, tend to kill off SBO's on fruits and vegetables. Nonetheless, SBO's still manage to find their way into the human system today, though in this country with far less frequency than times past.

It is because of this that a number of nutritionists working on the cutting edge of orthomolecular medicine now speculate that the declining digestive intake of SBO's and their enzyme, hormone and nutrient by-products is one of the chief reasons Americans tend to experience far more bowel and digestive system problems, than do people of other countries where modern high-tech farming and food processing techniques, have yet to replace family farms and gardens. In other countries, SBO intake is markedly higher via the intake of fresh raw plant life, and digestive tract problems are correspondingly lower!

Dr. Peter Rothschild has done extensive laboratory research on SBO's which was reported in the "Critters!" article published by BIO/TECH NEWS. He found that, once ingested, these organisms begin to produce a protein bio-mass in the intestines which the body thinks is an antigen (a foreign substance that should be attacked). The body then produces large quantities of B-lymphocytes, which in turn causes the immune system to make huge quantities of antibodies (substances that attack foreign invaders).

Dr. Rothschild said these antibodies are very unique in that they are not programmed by the immune system to attack any specific pathogenic invader. Instead they are formed and held in reserve in the body to be used by the immune system whenever they are needed. If a virus or bacteria comes into the body, the immune system can quickly program the antibodies to attack that specific pathogenic invader.

Dr. Rothschild said, "The beauty of it all is that this huge reservoir of extra antibodies is always on hand for the immune system to utilize, as long as the individual is ingesting the SBO's regularly. Without the SBO's, this reservoir of extra antibodies is completely unavailable. Thus, by ingesting the SBO's regularly, the effectiveness of the human immune system is vastly enhanced. This extra contingent of antibodies is always there to attack infection, therefore the immune system doesn't have to work anywhere near as hard as it normally would to fight off infection."

Dr. Rothschild also found that the beneficial SBO's stimulate the body to produce extra alpha-interferon. Alpha-interferon is a protein that is important in the regulation of the immune system response and having extra alpha-interferon can lead to a very aggressive immune reaction when there is a threat. Dr. Rothschild also found that SBO's stimulate the body's T-cell and T-lymphocyte production.


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