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When Should Body Biotics™ Be Taken?

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Body Biotics™ (formerly Nature's Biotics®) is very powerful and should be introduced to the body very slowly. Otherwise, you could develop some of the healing crisis symptoms described here: Healing Crisis. If you do find that you are having a healing crisis, just cut back on the amount of Body Biotics™ you are taking. Many people have taken one capsule a day for several weeks before moving up to two capsules a day and then stayed at that level for several weeks before increasing the dosage again. (See below for more details.)

green-yellow bulletspaceFirst Week: Take one 500 mg. capsule preferably 30 minutes before your evening meal with 10 oz. of bottled or filtered water.

green-yellow bulletspaceSecond Week: Take one capsule preferably 30 minutes before lunch and dinner with 10 oz. of bottled or filtered water. (This equals 2 per day.)

green-yellow bulletspaceThird week: Take one capsule three times daily, preferably 30 minutes prior to each meal with 10 oz. of bottled or filtered water. (This equals 3 per day.)

green-yellow bulletspaceFourth week: Take one capsule preferably 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, plus two before dinner with 10 oz. of bottled or filtered water. (This equals 4 per day.)

Advanced Therapeutic Dosage: You may continue to increase your daily dosage of Body Biotics™ by one capsule weekly, up to 6 to 9 capsules, if desired, for more difficult health concerns.

Please note the following:

orange-yellow bulletspaceBody Biotics™ works most effectively when taken 30 minutes before meals. The food helps to carry the friendly bacteria further down the intestinal tract. However, should you forget to take the product prior to eating, you can take it with a meal or after the meal. You can even take Body Biotics™ on an empty stomach. The important thing is to use Body Biotics™ consistently and regularly, on a daily basis.

orange-yellow bulletspaceBe sure to drink approximately 60 ounces of filtered or bottled water daily to aid the body in the detoxification associated with cleansing the intestinal tract. Do not drink chlorinated or fluorinated water because it can destroy the friendly bacteria in the product.

orange-yellow bulletspaceThe dosage for using Body Biotics™ is designed to introduce the SBOs gently into your system. Most people can follow the directions above with ease; however, occasionally a smaller dosage is appropriate. For example, if you feel any healing crisis symptoms, simply reduce the number of capsules you are taking for a few days. You can take smaller than whole capsule quantities by opening up a capsule and consuming 1/4 to 1/2 of the capsule, followed with water as described above. For fighting against bacteria in the mouth, just swish Body Biotics™ around and leave the residue in the mouth at bedtime.

orange-yellow bulletspaceAs Body Biotics™ begins working in the body, some people experience various stages of the natural healing process. This means that your body is doing its own work, so if you notice any signs of flu-like symptoms, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, etc., do not become discouraged and discontinue using Body Biotics™. Simply reduce your dosage for a few days until you have moved through the condition. If you experience excessive constipation, you may want to order "Aloe PURE™" which is a 100% natural gentle herbal laxative, to help you through this initial period. Shortly you will find that are are as regular as clock work and you will experience increased energy and feelings of well being. Remember, Body Biotics™ has no side-effects. Any symptom described is a pro-benefit, in that it means your body is responding to the product and working to repair itself.

orange-yellow bulletspaceOther supplements and medications are generally absorbed much more effectively when using Body Biotics™. If you are using supplements you may choose to reduce them by as much as 50%. If you are on medication where an increase in efficacy could be harmful, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN prior to using Body Biotics™.

orange-yellow bulletspaceWhen reducing back to a maintenance dosage of 2 to 3 capsules daily, use the same weekly adjustment that you used in the beginning, to reduce down.

orange-yellow bulletspaceReducing your intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and fried foods will greatly support Body Biotics™ in its efforts to help restore your body back to a healthy balance. Remember, "Good health is an inside job?" It's your health, your choice.

orange-yellow bulletspaceDo not consume Body Biotics™ with hot liquids, as this could render the SBO's inactive.

orange-yellow bulletspaceAvoid storage temperatures in excess of 125 degrees Fahrenheit (51° Celsius).

Body Biotics™ is not a "quick fix" supplement. It should be taken consistently and constantly every day to improve your digestive health, enhance immune function and enjoy its outstanding anti-oxidant effects.

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