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Children's Body Biotics is a soil-based probiotic that is chewable and very tasty for children.

The SBO "Biotic" Man vs. The Unfriendly "Gut" Bug

Now, with Children's Body Biotics Soil-based Probiotic Chewable Tablets, parents can give their children the protection of these friendly SBO's (soil-based organisms). Children's Body Biotics has been formulated to help reduce toxins, restore friendly bacteria, assist the body to assimilate essential nutritive elements, and restore and strengthen proper immune function.

What are SBO's (soil-based organisms)?

SBO's are beneficial soil bacteria that were a normal part of our diet until the end of the 19th century. Around that time, the introduction of pesticides, chemicals, and food processing diminished the daily "farm to table" ingestion of raw fruit and vegetables containing these SBO's. When ingested as a natural part of our daily food source, these friendly organisms acted as a buffer to safeguard the natural intestinal flora (friendly bacteria). They produced benefits in the body, such as the natural production of our own antibodies, improved digestion, greater absorption of nutrients, and most importantly, they worked to rid the body of disease causing pathogens and other deadly toxins.

The Body Biotics Proprietary SBO Probiotics Blend present in our Children's SBO/Probiotic Formula, functions in a very similar fashion as in nature.

Children's Soil-based Body Biotics have a significant impact on the immune system since more than 80% of the immune system is in the intestinal tract.How Do the SBO's Work?

This proprietary blend provides an entire army of friendly endogenous and non-endogenous bacteria to fight against the invasion of unfriendly pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. When these dormant foreign but friendly, non-toxic, bacteria are activated with an aqueous solution, such as juice or water, they multiply by the billions colonizing along the entire intestinal tract.

The SBO Probiotic Blend used in Body Biotics International formulas is unique in that at the point of culturing, these vital organisms are rendered into a "state of dormancy." This proprietary technology, supported by a substrate of life sustaining nutrients including a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, protect and nourish these organisms until activated with an aqueous solution, such as juice or water. Once ingested, they multiply into billions of colonizing organisms and begin to populate along the entire intestinal tract, working to rid the body of disease causing pathogens and other toxins.

The Children's Body Biotics SBO/Probiotic Blend can be kept at room temperature, does not require refrigeration, and has a 5-year shelf life.

SBOs (soil-based organisms) are not endogenous to the body so they stimulate the immune system in a powerful way.How Are SBO/Probiotics Different From Other Probiotic products?

There is a powerful distinction between SBOs (Soil Based Organisms) and the popular probiotics on the market today. Although SBOs are in the same category as other probiotics, consuming the typical probiotics without the SBOs would be like playing football without a quarterback. The bacteria found in the usual probiotics are endogenous, meaning these bacteria are naturally occurring in the body, whereas, the SBOs in the children's formula are not endogenous to the body. As foreign agents, they act as a catalyst for the body to help produce its own natural antibodies which are non-specific and stand readily available to help defend the body against other dangerous unfriendly invaders.

Some of the benefits of friendly SBO's are:

  • SBO's produce specific proteins that act as antigens. These antigens help to stimulate and strengthen the immune system by producing a reserve of natural antibodies that are un-coded and stand ready to defend the body against unfriendly invaders.
  • SBO's are extremely effective in supporting the body in its fight against pathological molds, yeast, fungi, and viruses.
  • SBO's produce a potent antioxidant enzyme called "Super Oxide Dismutase" that acts as a super scavenger to defend against free radicals (free radicals will attack any molecule in the body creating organ and tissue damage).

Children's Body Biotics contains the same ingredients as the adult Body Biotics. However, it is not formulated to have the strong "clean-out" effect that Body Biotics has. The product was named Children's Nature's Biotics in the past.

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