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Sacred Mountain Supplement's mission is to help create a world where people have optimal health and mental functioning well into their nineties and beyond. We focus on superior products known to be highly effective including soil-based probiotics (SBOs). We primarily target products for the gut and brain in order to support maximum physical and mental functioning.

Body Biotics 90 capsule bottleBody Biotics™ Soil-Based Probiotic

More information on Body Biotics. Body Biotics is a powerful soil-based probiotic that cleans the colon, improves constipation and aids in absorption of vitamins, minerals, supplements and foods. Body Biotics™ also produces specific proteins that act as antigens and stimulate the immune system. It fights pathological molds, yeast, fungus, viruses and parasites and stimulates B-Lymphocyte and related anti-body production. Also, Body Biotics contains soil-based microorganisms that produce Lactoferrin which helps with iron deficiency.

Prescript-Assist Soil-Based Probiotic contains Leonardite prebiotic Prescript-Assist™ Soil-Based Probiotic

More information on Prescript-Assist. Prescript-Assist is a supplement containing 28 soil-based probiotic bacteria. It increases the gastrointestinal micro-flora that have been disrupted by antibiotics or other medications. Prescript-Assist is especially effective in addressing issues around inflammation, diarrhea and constipation. It helps to improve intestinal tract functioning by preventing inflammations in the intestinal wall, protecting the body against pathogenic bacteria, assisting in the absorption of vitamins and producing hormones.


Children's FormulaChildren's Body Biotics™

More information on Children's Body Biotics

  • Helps eliminate pathological molds, yeast, fungi, parasites, and viruses.
  • Stimulates massive production of natural uncoded antibiotics.
  • Works to dislodge and flush toxic waste from the intestinal wall.
  • Normalizes the balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.


Pet Flora for dogs and cats contains all soil-based probioticsPet Flora™

More information on Pet Flora

  • Helps eliminate pathological molds, yeast, fungi, parasites, and viruses
  • Works to dislodge and flush toxic waste from the intestinal wall.
  • Helps the intestinal tract to function in a healthy way.
  • Normalizes the balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Floraphage Probiotic Multiplier creates prebioticssFloraphage™ Probiotic Multiplier

More information on Floraphage Probiotic Multiplier

  • Increases the potency of the probiotics already in your body.
  • Increases the potency of the probiotic supplements.
  • Functions in both the small and large intestines.
  • Functions in the urinary tract.
  • Manufactured by Arthur Andrew Medical.


Natural ProductsWhat are soil-based organisms? Soil-based organisms are nature's tiny microbes that live in soil. They produce and release powerful enzymes that sterilize the soil of putrefactive organisms. In addition, many forms of them are ingested into the human system with very beneficial effects when all fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten.

A number of nutritionists working on the cutting edge of orthomolecular medicine speculate that the declining digestive intake of soil-based organisms is one of the chief reasons that Americans tend to experience so many bowel and digestive system problems. People in other parts of the world where they eat less processed foods often do not have these problems.


Healthcare Practitioner Brands

Douglas Labsoratories



Douglas Laboratories has uncompromising operational practices at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that surpass GMP standards and manufacturing regulations.

Sacred Mountain ships Douglas Laboratories products only to customers within the United States of America, as per Douglas Laboratories policy.

Longvida Optimized Curcumin from Douglas Labs is easily absorbed Optimized Curcumin With Neurophenol™

More information on Optimized Curcumin With Neurophenol

  • Uses Longvida® Curcumin to support a healthy aging brain.
  • Longvida Curcumin is optimized to be readily absorbed.
  • Longvida Curcumin penetrates the blood brain barrier.
  • Blueberries are high in antioxidants.
  • Neurophenols in berries support healthy brain function.

Brain Memory

More information on Brain Memory

  • Brain Memory contains four ingredients that help the body to produce and have more acetylcholine.
  • GPC Choline provides choline for the production of acetylcholine.
  • ¬†Acetyl-L-carnitine provides the acetyl group when acetylcholine is made.
  • Huperzine A decreases the breakdown of acetylcholine in the body.
  • Ginkgo biloba supports the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Liquid Vitamin D3 from Douglas Labs is extra strength and easily absorbed Liquid Vitamin D3™ Extra Strength

More information on Extra Strength Liquid Vitamin D3

  • One dropper full supplies 10,000 I.U. of natural Vitamin D3.
  • It is easy to take a smaller dosage.
  • Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol, the best form of Vitamin D to take.
  • The liquid form of Vitamin D3 absorbs most effeciently into the body.
  • You cannot get enough Vitamin D from food alone.

This is Douglas Labs Melatonin P. R. Prolonged Release tablet which provide 3 mg of melatonin.Douglas Labs Melatonin P. R. Prolonged Release™

More information on Douglas Labs P. R. Prolonged Release

  • Contains the purest pharmaceutical grade melatonin in a prolonged-release tablet.
  • Melatonin appears to help regulate sleep and wake cycles.
  • Melatonin helps protect the cells of animals and plants from free radical damage.

Sally talks about the safety of Bacillus subtilis, a soil-based probiotic in Body Biotics and Pet Flora. She also explains how we are in a symbiotic relationship with probiotic bacteria.

Our products are manufactured by Body Biotics International, Vitality Science, Arthur Andrew Medical and Douglas Laboratories.


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