Soil-based Probiotics

These probiotics are what our ancestors got from their gardens and orchards before the advent of modern toxic sprays on farms.

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Man running illustrates some of the benefits of probiotics. They help with digestion and assimilation, regular bowel movements. They strengthen the immune system and fight pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Benefits of Probiotics

Some of the benefits of probiotics are: They help with digestion and assimilation of food, they help with regular bowel movements, they work to str...

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Our President

Senior Olympics Gold, Age 81

Our President, Sally Robertson, won Gold in the Senior Olympics at age 81.  She started weightlifting at age 79 to lower her blood sugar and improve her bone density. She entered the Senior Olympics that year in just one event, the deadlift, and won Gold.  The next year she competed in three events and won Gold in each. She says, "If I can do this, anyone with reasonably good health can do it too!"

Upward Quest and Sacred Mountain Supplements are located in Colorado which has a rich, colorful history. The slideshow below shows the owners, Bob and Sally Robertson, exploring the pioneer farm of Josie Basset, girlfriend of Butch Cassidy.