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Neprinol AFD, Systemic Enzymes Advanced Fibrin Defense

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As we age, our natural enzyme production decreases. Enzymes play a key role in digestion, circulation, and fibrin control in the body. When enzyme production becomes lower than ideal, too much fibrin is allowed to remain in the blood. Neprinol provides the right blend of systemic enzymes for proper circulation, improved blood viscosity, and joint comfort.


Fibrin is a material that is naturally formed in the body all the time. It is very important to our health in many ways.  For example, when we are injured we produce fibrin and use it to make scar tissue.  Our bodies use enzymes to help keep the fibrin level in the body at a healthy level.  These enzymes break down any excessive fibrin. If the balance is off and too much fibrin is in the body, it can cause many unhealthy conditions.

Systemic Enzymes

When enzymes are introduced into the bloodstream on an empty stomach they work systemically, meaning they work throughout the entire body. When you ingest them, they bypass the upper digestive process and go into the bloodstream through the small intestine. Systemic enzymes are similar to digestive enzymes in that they break down certain substances. Digestive enzymes break down food and systemic enzymes, such as serrapeptase and nattokinase, break down fibrin.

Neprinol AFD is a proprietary combination that includes Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Lipase, Protease, Amla, Papain, Bromelain, Rutin and Coenzyme Q10.  It also contains magnesium. (Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme derived from the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis.) It is specially formulated to support healthy fibrin levels.

Neprinol AFD is safe.  There have been no reports of any serious or adverse side effects from taking systemic enzymes such as Neprinol. If you are taking a prescription blood-thinning medication, please consult with your physician before taking Neprinol.

Neprinol AFD is enteric coated which is very important because otherwise it could lose effectiveness of the fibrinolytic activity in the acidic environment of the stomach. The enteric coating allows the product to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach and pass into the blood stream.

This product is non-GMO and vegan-friendly.  It is Kosher and has GRAS status with the FDA.

Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Neprinol AFD provides the right blend of systemic enzymes for proper circulation, improved blood viscosity, and joint comfort.
Neprinol AFD, Systemic Enzymes Advanced Fibrin Defense Sale price$54.99